Ireland is a country of the  friendliest people you will ever come into contact with in the world. They all have the “gift of gab” and love to know where you are from, how long you are staying, and what have you seen so far. If they haven’t asked you about the current election in America, I would be shocked! They want to know what you think and who you are voting for in the election.Well, let’s get started with the story of our adventure!


We flew from San Francisco to Toronto, Toronto to Dublin, and took a bus from Dublin to Cork City! 15 hours later our friend Luke picked us up from the bus station! Did he have a car? Nope! He’s from California and is scared of driving on the other side of the road as we were! Luke says “your hotel is right up the street.”  Well, we walked, and walked, and walked, up hill mostly, till we got to the very top of the hill following a phone GPS. We all stopped, one because we were exhausted, and two because I didn’t see a hotel. Carrying our luggage, we looked lost, exhausted, and Californian. Finally, we turned the corner and there was the sign for The Ambassador Hotel! Yip20160530_110041pee, I felt so relieved that our long 16 hour day of travel was finally coming to an end!

The Ambassador Hotel was once a military hospital on top of Military Hill in Cork City, Ireland! I would recommend staying here because the rooms were very big, staff was friendly, and it was a close taxi ride into the square! Attached to the hotel was a restaurant called Mc Gettigan’s Cook House and Bar. We went right to the bar to experience our first Murphy’s Stout in Ireland. It tasted so amazing you don’t even know!

Ireland is 8 hours ahead of California so it was safe to say we didn’t get adjusted much to the time since we were only there for 8 days. We didn’t sleep much nor do the Irish! We freshened up and headed out on the town. We took a taxi into the square and from there we started walking. It started to down pour so we ducked into a micro-brew pub called Risings Sons which served Wood fire Pizza. Great beer, and food! Next stop was Porter House which also had an amazing selection of Craft Beer. We made it an early night because the next day was the Stag Party. Did I mention we were in Ireland for Luke and Danielle’s Wedding? Yes, an Irish Wedding. So exciting!

Stag Party:

A stag party is Guys Only and is actually bad luck if any women join the party at any point of the night! Safe to say the ladies had their own day of fun which is called a Hen Party. Everyone met at the Sextant which is a bar in Cork City. Very cool spot with food and an outdoor beer garden. The guys got onto a bus which took them to the Jameson Distillery in Middleton, Ireland. 20160604_090044

The tour of the Distillery is about an hour and is very interesting with all of the history that Jameson has to offer. At the end of the tour they give you a choice of Jameson to taste and enjoy while you shop in the store. We did come home with a few bottles of 12 year cask Whiskey that you can only get at the Distillery in Ireland!  Cheers! After the Distillery the guys went down into the square and not much has been spoken of the rest of the evening…


A local is a neighborhood pub in Ireland. Luke and Danielle live in Douglas which is a suburb of Cork. They took us to their local called South County Pub. South County doesn’t get many tourists in their Screenshot_20160601-030002pub especially from California. They treated us like we were celebrities!

Eddie let us go behind the bar and pour our own Murphy’s Stout! He showed us the proper way to pour a stout which is pour it 3/4 full and let it settle then top it off. Eddie sent us home with 6 brand new Jameson shot glasses and St. Patty’s day pint glass. What an experience he showed us in Ireland. Cheers to Eddie and

Thank you for your hospitality.








Our wonderful host family in Ireland!

Pub Crawl:

Today we had a free day to explore the city of Cork! What would you do? Well we did a Pub Crawl throughout the town while we shopped and enjoyed the people of Ireland. One of the most famous Pubs in Cork City isScreenshot_20160706-205106 Le Chateau Bars. Established in 1793 this is where we started our journey. Ken Blower actually worked here at one point in his life and so did his brother. So many great Irish stories were told throughout the week during the wedding.

“What happens in Ireland stays in Ireland! “

We don’t remember much of the other pubs but we did really enjoy ourselves.

 Cheers to Pub Crawling in Ireland!


Wedding Day:

Thursday, June 2, 2016, Luke and Danielle got married at Vienna Woods which was right outside of Cork City in Glanmire Wood. Great story of how they met; let me do the short version. Luke and Danielle metScreenshot_20160706-210748 in Florida while her family was on Holiday. Luke is a traveler and was there for business.  They met and kept in touch. Three years ago Luke decided to visit Ireland and Danielle. He went and never left. Her son Kenneth and her fell in love with Luke and never let him leave. Such a romantic love story and oh what a Wedding. Look how gorgeous Danielle was her wedding day!

The sun was out and there was no rain  in sight as for much of the trip. The wedding started at 2 pm and went off without a hitch. What a great family to be married into. Congrats Luke – you are one special guy! After the wedding we relaxed and enjoyed tea and coffee while the wedding party took pictures. 5 pm the reception started and so did the betting on the speeches. In Ireland they love to bet on everything and that doesn’t leave out the father of the bride and best man speeches. I lost by a few minutes.


Here is Dustin’s Speech that he gave without anything written down or memorized! Pretty impressive. We partied into the wee hours of the morning. Let’s just say we were up to hear the birds rise in the morning. Or at least one of us out lasted all the Irish! Can you guess which one of us survived? Yes! The Best Man. That’s why he was the Best Man. We were up early for breakfast and sight seeing the next day.

Cobh, Ireland:

Cobh, Ireland is a small ocean village in Ireland which is known for being the last port of the Titanic before it was lost at Sea. Such a beautiful town filled with amazing history and lots of stories of wonderful people who lost their lives at sea. 20160604_141311



We arrived in Dublin around 11:30 am just in time to check into our hotel at the Radisson Blu and head straight to the Genesis Brewery for lunch!20160605_142407 Great lunch spot at their 1837 Bar & Brasserie. After lunch we explored the different floors the brewery had to offer. We ended at the 360 degree Sky Tower to get our free pint of Genesis and check out the gorgeous view of the whole city of Dublin. Pretty amazing.

We took a horse bound carriage ride down to the famous Temple Bar Street filled with live music, bars, and tourists. We felt like we were in San Francisco a little! Such a big city. We found an amazing20160605_195543 Italian restaurant down an ally and decided we were in the mood for Italian instead of pizza or hamburgers, which was what we mostly ate while we were here. IL BACCARO was the name of the tiny and very Italian resturant. Delicious food and wonderful atmosphere. The Gnocchi was to die for!


We hung out and met a few local Irish from Dublin who showed us a good time on our last night in Ireland! The “know name bar” was our last stop before we called it a night. We were sad to leave and cannot wait to go back. Thank you Ireland for an amazing summer vacation. We will always remember the year we went to Ireland for an Irish Wedding. Cheers!







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