San Francisco

AT&T Ballpark is in the heart of San Francisco and is one of the best ballparks in the United States. It has been the new home for the San Francisco Giants since 2000. Located in the South Beac20160626_125648h section of the city it has gorgeous views of the bay, amazing food, and an amazing team to watch!

We love our San Francisco Giants Baseball Team and when we go to a game, we like to stay in the city a few days to catch up on what is happening in San Francisco. We went to the Sunday game against the Phillies with a few friends, one  is an actual Phillies fan if you can believe that! Before the game we went and checked out the The Yard which is an outdoor shopping center made totally out of shipping containers! It’s pretty cool and is located behind the ballpark near the Willie McCovey statue out in center field. We grabbed a few beers a20160626_112443t the Anchor Steam Brewing Beer Garden! Orange Splash seemed to be the appropriate beer for the day and was light and refreshing. We headed into the game after we pre-gamed it for a little while watching people play corn hole at The Yard. We found our seats which were  on the left field line, upper level. What a great view! But we were in full sun and it was a heat wave in the city that day. We lasted through the 6th inning and decided to move down to the Hunter Pence Garden to get some shade! We ordered  three 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon Wheat beers to cool off and enjoy the rest of the game. The bartender told us that a gentleman bought our beers for us! We were delighted and thanked him for his kindness. He told us he was the owner of 21st Amendment and really appreciated us ordering his beer! We then started to discuss how we loved all of their beers and thanked him again! What a great guy an20160626_152140d cheers to 21st Amendment Brewery! The game was winding down at this point, but we are loyal fans who stayed till the end. Our San Francisco Giants brought in a big W in the 9th inning with the ending score being 7-8 Giants! Whohoo! Happy Giants fans and one sad Phillies fan.
After the game we took an Uber to our hotel, the Westin St. Francis. The St. Francis 20160627_095922is located in Union Square and is very close to food, shopping, and entertainment.

This hotel has a gym, Starbuck’s, and a few bars and restaurants located right inside. It’s walking distance or take an Uber/Lyft to anywhere in the city. We have never had a bad experience here!

We  checked into our hotel and refreshed ourselves from being at the  game all day. We changed and got ready to go out on the town. We decided we weren’t that hungry so a small snack and a cocktail sounded good. We got picked up from the hotel and had our driver take us to Comstock Saloon located on Columbus Street in Little Italy.


We were able to sit on the bar side in a very cozy booth for two. With beautiful piano music playing above us and an angelic voice singing, we were relaxed and delighted we ended up at The Comstock Saloon. We ordered a few small bites and signature cocktails that were delicious. Not a lot of tourists here so it had a real San Francisco vibe to it. It was a great place for a romantic start to the evening! We both were wanting a little bit of a pick me up because it was a long day… We needed some espresso! Stat! Luckily right across the street was Tosca Cafe which was open till 2am.


They are a cafe, bar, and restaurant. It was perfect! We walked across the street and posted up at the very cute Italian bar. We were greeted right away with a few very friendly gentlemen wanting to help us figure out what we wanted. We decided on an Italian Coffee which consisted of… I don’t know, but it tasted amazing! We also shared their homemade Cannolis! To Die For! We can’t wait to go back and eat in their restaurant which is located in the back of the building! We love Italian places!




The next day we decided to hit a few Breweries before we headed home for the weekend. Our first stop was the Drake’s Dealership located in downtown Oakland! This is a great lunch spot with an amazing food menu. Wood fire pizzas are their specialty! Lots of delicious beer on draft and a few guest beers. They also have wine on the menu for that one person who doesn’t drink beer or is Gluten free! We really liked the Wandering Possum Pale Ale!

20160627_122054In the picture to the left is the list they had on draft while we were there for lunch. 20160627_124527 So many great beers we wanted to try but we will save them for our next visit! After we left Drakes we headed into Berkeley to Fieldworks Brewery! We are loving everything that Fieldworks is brewing lately. Our two favorites were the Salted Cucumber Saison and the Churro Cream Ale! We ended up getting a few Crowlers filled to take home as you can see!20160627_141749 It is so great that most breweries are starting to do the Crowlers which are a 32oz can. Cheers to a great weekend in San Francisco! Until next time!

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