Kayaking on Lake Hennessey may be one of the best lakes to take your kayak out and enjoy the majestic beauty of Northern California. We saw a lot of wildlife out on the lake yesterday but mainly bi20160711_110943rds of all types. We were lucky enough to stop under a tree filled with 10 birds’ nests of some type of waterfowl feeding their young. As we looked over we saw a Bald Eagle sitting in the tree about 10 feet away from us. He was eyeballing the birds and their young. It was so amazing to see such a creature up close and personal out on the lake. A few things we will bring next time out on Lake Hennessey will be binoculars and a bird book of California Birds! We spent about 2 hours out on the lake before we paddled back to the dock. Next time we will venture to the other side of the lake and see what we find! A great lake to bring a picnic, beer, or wine and just relax and enjoy the beauty of California.

We would recommend always bringing a change of clothing when you are kayaking because you usually want to go eat or explore after you get off the water. Today we wanted to venture into wine country for lunch and do a little bit of wine tasting since we were so close. Lake Hennessey is on Highway 128 which is just about 30 minutes from Lake Berryessa and 5 minutes to Silverado Trail. We changed in the bathrooms at Lake Hennessey, loaded up our kayaks, and 20160711_134438headed into town to have lunch at the Rutherford Grill in Rutherford. Rutherford Grill is a great lunch spot that is a little more laid back when it comes to the Napa area. We started out with Jumbo Prawns, an appetizer that was so fresh and delicious! We sat at the bar because it was pretty busy but they do have an amazing patio area and great dining. The bartenders were great and gave us amazing service! We sat and talked with a local gentleman that was very friendly and enjoyed hearing about our kayaking adventure. After lunch we decided to go to V.Sattui and pick up our wine shipment that we have neglected for a few months now. V.Sattui was the very first winery that we joined as a couple and we even served their wine at our wedding. 20160712_180207It holds something close to our hearts and it’s a bonus that they always have amazing wine! I am hooked on Rose right now for the summertime. V.Sattui has a few options for your summer wine. The Gamay Rouge is an amazing poolside wine that is light and fruity and really gives you a refreshing taste. Another option is their Dry Rosato which is an Italian style Rose. It is a little bit dryer than the Gamay Rouge but is light and refreshing; perfect for the hot summer. V.Sattui has a full deli and on the weekends they BBQ Oysters outside near their picnic area. Pet and family friendly, it is a great place to take your friends and family who are visiting from out of town. Get there early on the weekends because this place gets pretty busy.


Cheers to great wine, amazing weather in California, and the ability to travel such an amazing state. Let us know what you think when you check these places out on our blog! Check back on our blog for new places to travel and what to drink! Cheers!









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