Commercial Shoot

Today was the big day that we filmed the commercial for the family business in Vacaville, CA. Petrillo’s Tire & Automotive is the largest independent automotive repair facility in Solano County. The Petrillo’s have proudly served Solano County since 1989.  The commercial will be airing on Comcast and 20160726_103247AT&T during football season on Monday & Thursday night football in the Vacaville area . Keep a look out for us on your TV in your home.

I can see why people want to be  actors for a living. Today was so fun, exciting, and different. I loved being in the commercial and maybe finally found my true calling. Probably not, but my 15 minutes of fame was pretty nice, thanks to my husband who nominated me to be the leading lady. Here I am waiting to drive the Red Corvette around the block a few times so they could get the drone camera shot. We did an entering shot and an exiting shot, so I had to do it a few times Screenshot_20160726-125753until they thought they got the best shot. Today was pretty hot, almost 100 degrees, so I needed lots of water and shade during all of my driving shots. Convertibles on hot days don’t work so well.  I don’t think I was a demanding actress, but hey I could get used to this type of work.

The shop was open for business as usual so we had a good little crowd watching for a while. A few regular customers brought their cars down to be in the commercial and maybe a cameo too.


The commercial shoot lasted about 3 hours and was such a great experience. Thanks to all of the crew who came out to film in the heat of the shop. They were al20160726_104822l so great to work with and very knowledgeable. We are looking forward to seeing the finished product during football season. Remember to keep an eye out for Petrillo’s Tire & Auto coming soon to your TV. Now we are beat – it’s time for some fresh Peach Sangria! Cheers.


Petrillo’s Tire & Automotive

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