Modern Times Coffee

Modern Times Brewing in San Diego, CA is a great new micro brewery that is changing the game when it comes to a brewery.

Modern Times does Coffee too. Most people who drink coffee tend to be pretty picky when it comes to the taste, how they take it, and how often they drink it483a22083aaaa2bf6c4f1a7a15fffb0d. Usually pretty often and regularly. It’s awesome that Modern Times does coffee when you live in the area,  but what do you do if you live elsewhere? Well, they are now offering a coffee club. How does this work you may ask?

A monthly coffee subscription includes a 12 ounce bag of their Black House Blend and one 8 ounce bag of barrel-aged coffee. $39.00 a month. Is it worth it? YES! We have been a coffee member for about 6 months now and we have made a pact that we cannot drink  Modern Times Coffee witho5ddc429c60901b68e3296d9f71130a04ut each other. It’s kinda like watching your favorite Netflix show without your spouse or signicant other. Not pretty!

“Coffee is My Daytime Wine” 

Coffee gets most of us through the toughest of days and through those tough days enjoying a very delicious cup of “Joe” means everything.0a3e01a27db7b2daca9521be0199ed6c



Modern Times has two different locations in San Diego, Point Loma, and North Park. You can get a great selection of their beers at most grocery stores in California.


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