“Wrinkles merely indicate where smiles have been.”  Mark Twain

A romantic birthday dinner in Napa, CA, was just what the doctor ordered for getting another year older. My husband made reservations at Celadon which is located downtown off of Main Street behind the Napa River Inn. They have a charming dining room and a relaxing garden patio. We sat outside on the patio because it was a perfect night in Napa; 80 degrees with a slight breeze.

The service was amazing from the management to their wait staff. We felt like we were guests in their home. The waitress came right over and started singing me a Happy Birthday song! We each ordered a signature cocktail that they had on the menu. I took the recommendation of the waitress on her favorite cocktail. She did not steer me wrong. It was delicious. We love to have a long drawn out meal with many courses, no rush. We started out with a few appetizers and relaxed and enjoyed the evening outside with the weather being so gorgeous. 10030

Looking over the wine list we noticed that they had one of our favorite wineries and wines on the list. W. H. Smith Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir out of Calistoga. We ordered a bottle and giggled with excitement until it arrived at our table. Wow, getting older has its perks I have to say. Learning about what great wine, beer, and food is has finally come in handy when dinning in a nice restaurant. We ordered our main course while we savored the wine in our glass. At the end of the meal we ordered 2 cups of espresso to finish off the night. The staff brought me a delicious dessert that went very well with the espresso. I would love to bring friends and family back to Celadon in the near future. What an amazing dining experience. Cheers to birthdays, wine, and great company.

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