New Year New ME!

As we all ring in the New Year with friends, family, or a bunch of strangers we had an idea of January 1 being a new start, a new day, a new me! We all made our new years resolutions, wrote them down to make them stick. My New Years resolution is always to be a better me! Do I think that I tackle this each and every year? I do try my best and in the end that’s all I can ask for. Whats your resolution? To go to the gym, be healthy, be kind to others? Hopefully this time next year you can look back on the year in reflection of what you have accomplished. Reflect on what you may do differently this coming year and how you can make positive change in anot20161105_211918her person’s life.

Reading about other people’s struggles, reality, and how they overcome it to create change and positivity for others is inspiring. A few of my favorite blogs right now are Chronically Hopeful by Jay Debolt and  My Senior Yoga Journey by Pamela McCurdy  .  Both of these women have struggled through an illness in their life. They come from different generations and reading about how they survive with it each day is inspiring. Enjoy the journey and most important Trust in the Journey!

Be the better you this year in 2017! Good luck and I know that each and every one of you can be excellent to one another. Strive for excellent.


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