Welcome to Drinkcation!

Living in married bliss for 8 years now we have found our shared passion in life. Through our years we have enjoyed traveling the world together. We have a love and passion for wine, beer, and food in the California Region. Sometimes we adventure elsewhere too! We love to find new and exciting places that carry great craft beer, amazing wine, and delicious food.

Our excitement, passion, and well versed experience has positioned us as “unofficial afficiandos” on where to go and what to try in the area for our friends, family, and now YOU!

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date with the best in California and sometimes other places too! We are now diving into the world of blogging about our trips. You can find more details about our trips here and on our website. We hope you enjoy our stories and adventures.

“Enjoy what you do and do what you love! “


Dustin and Kelly